Deal Cycles: What to Buy and When?

All over the web we hear about a wide of variety of ways to save money. As a matter of fact, we dedicate most of our time here at on exactly this. One of the most fundamental ways, which is often overseen, is developing an eye for spotting a good deal when you see one. This will help you get more bang for your buck for pretty much every type of purchase out there. I mentioned this in my article about the best ways to save at the grocery store, but it also applies to some services and almost every type of merchandise.

This skill can be acquired over time, but it can also be rapidly developed with a little bit of research. Paying attention to deal cycles and the logic behind them can be a great way to plan your purchases and to potentially score the best deals possible. In other words, prevent impulsive purchases as much as possible (I know this is a tough one) and try to think about what could push a certain niche to offer rebates and when?

Let’s take laser hair removal for example: summer is the season when people are tempted to show off a little bit more skin. A lot of the folks that would want to get some unwanted hair removed using this technology will often reconsider doing it (or at least should), as it is not recommended to have a tan prior to the procedure or to be exposed to sunlight following it. Consequently, a lot of beauty salons that offer this service will be offering huge rebates. For example, one of my friends just paid $200 to get her legs done using IPL hair removal, something that would have normally cost her about $1000. Of course, she’s going to have to wait in order to get it done. But since it’s nothing urgent, she doesn’t mind waiting until fall.

There are loads of other examples out there and I could go on and on about. From jewellery in July, electronics in January to home improvement items in April, etc. The reasons behind the discounts may vary but, sometimes it’s just to keep up with the competition and in other instances it is to push sales during a slow period. No matter the reason, try to be aware of these opportunities and seize them.

How about you? Do you have any suggestions?

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