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Love on a Budget: 10 Ways to Save Money this Valentine’s Day

On the most romantic day of the year, love notes will be exchanged and flowers will be bought, but do you know how money can be saved? According to Global News, Canadians will on average spend over 1.5 million dollars total on Valentine’s Day flowers, lingerie, dining and chocolates.

Unique And Frugal Ways To Create Lasting Christmas Memories

Sometimes we get wrapped up in buying the perfect gift and it becomes easy to forget that Christmas is about creating special moments. Think back to childhood – our cherished holiday memories are typically more about baking cookies or laughing at a crazy uncle than a toy we got that one year.

Merry Christmas Canada!

Here’s a quick post to wish each of our readers and future followers a Merry Christmas. We hope that on this special day you will be surrounded by your loved ones and that you will have time to relax a little bit. We know Christmas time can be a bit frantic–especially with travel this year,