How to Save on Heating Costs this Winter (Update)

With Winter fast approaching, the worry of how to shovel the snow onto your neighbours’ yard without being caught is not your only one; the heating bills that will come are also a cause for concern. Fortunately, there are easy steps you can take to reduce your heating expenditures this season. Let’s talk about them:

Experiment with the Thermostat

Most people arbitrarily choose a temperature that they think is the right one to be adequately comfortable inside the house. However, I have noticed that lowering the thermostat by a couple of degrees and finding the lowest temperature you are comfortable with is an ideal way to lower your heating bill. Remember, every additional degree adds to your heating bill so take the time to find out which is the lowest temperature that you can comfortably tolerate. Also, opting for a programmable thermostat is another great way to save on heating bills. Once it is set, you can completely forget about it and can automatically cool down your home during the night time (during which you are comfortably wrapped in your blankets anyway) and raise it to be warmer a few hours before you come back from work. This technique can save you hundreds of dollars on heating bills on a yearly basis.

Dress Warmly…Inside the House

I have noticed that whenever the temperature drops a little most people run towards the dial to turn up the heat. However, from my experience, on most Winter days if you dress warmly inside the house you can drastically reduce the time your heating system is running. For example, I have found that something as simple as wearing thick socks indoors greatly warms you up and reduces the need to keep your heat running. Same thing for sweaters, in fact when you combine the two on most days you may actually start to feel a bit too warm! These are easy simple ways to reduce your heating bill, and make use of the ugly sweater that someone gave you for Christmas.

Electric Blanket

I personally have never bought an electric blanket but know many people who have and they all say that this is another great way to reduce your heating bill. An electric blanket consumes less energy than traditional heating systems so if you’re looking for a warm night’s sleep and not having nightmares about your heating bills, electric blankets are an ideal choice this Winter.


Why not take advantage of free heating courtesy of the Sun? I have found that opening the curtains during sunny days and letting the sunlight in is a perfect way to get some extra heat into your house. An added benefit is that a “sunnier” house looks warmer than a dark one so your perception of how cold it actually is may be altered and you won’t go running to the thermostat as often.

Window Insulating Film

This technique can be used in combination with other energy saving strategies and can help reduce stop drafts while gaining some extra-comfort. These are pretty easy to install and are not expensive to purchase. This type of film may not work on all window types though, especially not patio doors that need to be opened frequently.

I’m always open to new tips on my saving energy bills, do you have any to add?

This article was researched and written by Hummad Waheed, a contributing author of

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