It’s Time to Claim Your Harry’s Shave Prize

Last year, Harry’s Shave was trying to create some buzz around the launch of their website by offering a prize to anyone who referred a friend. The only catch was that they weren’t shipping to Canada yet. Well, this isn’t true anymore because now has a flat $6 delivery rate.

Click Here to Claim Your Harry’s Shave Prize or to Refer Friends

Although their terms and conditions hadn’t been updated when I wrote this, a shipping option to Canada was added to the checkout process. In other words, it’s now time to claim your prize.

If you missed last year’s post about this special offer, it’s not too late to join the fun as this merchant’s Refer a Friend promotion is still available.

Here’s more information about the different referral thresholds that need to be reached in order to receive a different prize:
Refer 5 friends and receive a shaving cream;
Refer 10 and get a Truman Handle razor with a blade;
Get 25 friends to sign up and earn a Winston shave set, which includes a razor, 2 blades and a shaving cream;
And if you manage to get 50 of your friends to sign up, you will receive a 1 year supply of free blades (48 blades).

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