Get a Free 2014 Calendar from Chapman’s

This is a simple way to get your hands on a free calendar for the year 2014. Offered by Chapman’s, this freebie is super simple to claim. Just use the link provided on this page to order yours.

Click here to Claim your Free 2014 Calendar

There are other promotional items (like a ruler, a cap and a pencil case, to name but a few) that can be ordered at, but you need to earn points for these. Whereas the calendar is entirely free to claim.

While the use for actual physical calendars is becoming less and less popular with the vast majority of us–in favour of digital ones, there is something practical about hanging a calendar on a wall. Maybe I’m being nostalgic, but using the calendar available on a smartphone or a computer simply doesn’t feel the same–I like crossing days off to a special event.

Plus, calendars can be a great way to teach kids to meet deadlines and to take responsibilities while also being a colourful decoration.

If you’re interested in claiming a $5 coupon applicable on the purchase of Chapman’s ice cream instead, visit our blog post about this promotion.

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