Chapman’s Ice Cream $5 Off Coupon for Canada

Is there a member in your household that has claimed the $5 off coupon from Chapman’s Ice Cream issue every year? If not, what are you waiting for? Lactose intolerance and a strict diet aren’t even good excuses because this brand offers a bunch of lactose free flavors as well as loads of sorbets and sugar free options. All you have to do is ask politely…

Click here to Visit the Chapman’s Canada website and Claim your Coupon

Once you arrive at, it isn’t necessarily that clear that this is a special offer form, but all you have to do is leave a comment asking for the coupon along with your address. That’s it! Sounds like your mom was right when she told you that being polite sure pays off, doesn’t it?

Note that this coupon is valid on all the products offered by Chapman’s and that this offer can only be redeemed once per household. This promotion is made available every year, so make sure to remember to claim it next year too.

Have you ever claimed this freebie? Please let us know how it went and what flavor you chose by leaving a comment below.

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