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As many people already know, Workopolis is among the leaders in the job search and recruitment solutions in Canada. With their official website,, they offer great opportunities for employers to find the best candidates for their needs. The focus of this post will be to help employers find their way through the 2 million + candidates that are available at this website, providing information about job posting and more precisely about the rates, the exposure employers will get and where they can find a workopolis promo code?

The Rates

These all depend on the length and the location where employers want to post their job opportunities. Logically, depending on the province employers choose, rates will variate. Also the longer the job posting is for, the more expensive it gets. More specifically, it will only cost employers $325 to post a job in the Atlantic provinces of Canada for 30 days. In comparison, it will cost employers $750 to post job in Canada and the international for the same duration of time. It is quite clear that the more exposure you get the more expensive it is, as it it will be more demanding/time consuming for Workopolis to spread the word about a certain job opportunity. Rates will also variate depending on the density of talent and the quantity of demand there is for the product they offer. The ‘hotter’ the market is, the more expensive it is. For example, posting a job in Ontario for 30 days will cost employers $725, only $25 less than the whole of canada. This is simply because Ontario possesses the biggest metropolitan area of Canada and the richest economic sector in the country. It is also the most completive this is why Workopolis will ask more for these services than for Quebec. It is also interesting to note that the more job postings employers purchase the bigger the discount they get is, Let’s say an employer decides to purchase 2 job posting he will save 7%,10% for 2 and this trend continues up to 20 postings where employers will get a 30% discount.

The Exposure

With Workopolis employers get the best of both worlds, as they will gain access to the largest pool of talents by getting the best exposure online, the number 1 destination for job seekers out there on top of that they will associate themselves with the online job site which attracts the most candidates. It doesn’t matter if the job seeker is somebody that is already employed and is simply window shopping or unemployed, the majority of them end up looking online. This is according to a 2010 Northstar Research Partners survey, which concluded that 51% off all candidates end up looking at online job sites for a job. So, considering these facts Workopolis becomes a natural choice for employers who are looking for a online job website to post one or many jobs. The only thing that might stop them are their rates, which can be higher than some of the competitors. This is why finding a Workopolis promo code for the region employers are looking to hire can be a good idea.

Where to Find a Workopolis Promo Code?

A promo code is offered for every region, whether the employer is recruiting in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary or even the provinces of Quebec or Ontario, codes are available. To find them all, one can have a look at our main Workopolis promo code page, where they are all displayed by region.

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