Is Weight Watchers the Best Weight Loss Diet?

Weight Watchers has been named by US News Best Diets the Easiest Diet to Follow, the #1 Weight-Loss Diet as well as the Best Commercial Diet Plan amongst a group of 25 diet programs. This group included popular diets such as Jenny Craig, Slim-Fast, Volumetrics, DASH diet and the TLC Diet, just to name a few.

Each program presented in this report has been evaluated and ranked in hopes to determine which one is the best in certain categories and what are each program’s strengths and weaknesses. Here, we will have a closer look at why Weight Watchers has been named the #1 weight-loss diet and what makes it the easiest diet to follow, by presenting the diet’s features and how these compare to others. Finally, since we’re an online bargain hunting community you can trust that we will bring you the best Weight Watchers online promotions available and tell you all about how you can claim them.

Why is Weight Watchers the Best Weight-Loss Diet?

According to the latest U.S. News Best Diets rankings, Weight Watchers has once again been proclaimed the best weight-loss diet, in front of the #2 Biggest Loser Diet, #3 Jenny Craig Diet, #4 Raw Food Diet and #5 Volumetrics Diet. In other words, when it comes to losing weight fast and keeping it off in the long-term, Weight Watchers surpasses every other diet according to this evaluation. Some other programs, such as the Biggest Loser Diet and Atkins either beat or had equal results as Weight Watchers in the short-term weight loss evaluation, but did not compare when it came to long-term weight loss. The main reasons for Weight Watchers’ success being that this program is easy to use, it is not too restrictive and that it does not cost too much money to use the PointPlus program. So, in other words, it doesn’t take too much time for dieters to get used to this program and it won’t become too restrictive over time. From paying attention to other people’s struggles with weight closely, this is the key to long-term success. Because it is one thing getting motivated and losing weight for a short period of time, but if you feel frustrated about having to stop yourself from eating some of your favourite foods, you probably won’t be able to maintain that same level of discipline in the long run.

What Makes Weight Watchers the Easiest Diet to Follow?

Weight Watchers is basically a diet of good habits. It doesn’t sell you a miraculous weight-loss program which won’t require any effort or sacrifice. What it does is to teach people healthy eating habits which should result in weight-loss if properly applied. In this program, no foods are forbidden, it is the quantity which is scrutinized. The way this is accomplished is quite simple, each food is associated with a certain quantity of points and all dieters have to do is to not exceed their daily allocation. Also, this program offers optional weekly meetings that are meant to keep dieters motivated. It is for all these reasons that the U.S. News Best Diets Rankings has named Weight Watchers the Easiest Diet to Follow. The Jenny Craig Diet came in a close second, but what ultimately made the difference in the rankings is that this specific program is built around a home-delivered, prepackaged meals system. It sure makes it easy to follow, as people don’t have any calories or points to count, but the problem is that, while attractive in theory, only eating prepackaged meals can become unrealistic and unpractical. Plus, it can be quite expensive to follow this diet both in a short and long term perspective.

Where to Find Weight Watchers Online Promotions

If you’re interested in giving the Weight Watchers diet and its PointPlus system a shot, saving a few bucks along the way could be another nice incentive. Since not only will you feel like you’re doing the right thing for your health, but it should also make sense financially. Weight Watchers online promotions are usually released on a monthly basis and with these you can expect to either save up to 35% on a subscription plan or to not have to pay the sign up fees. The timing is great to accomplish your New Years resolutions.

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