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With the Canadian income tax deadline slowly but surely approaching (April 30th, 2014 for most) now would be a good time to decide how your are going to file yours. In case you are considering using a tax software and seeking the best deal possible, here is a list of some of the top online offers available to Canadians.

Tax Software Coupons

TurboTax by intuit has coupon out good for a 10% rebate on the purchase of any of their tax software solutions for 2013. This includes every single version, from Standard Online with 1 return to TurboTax Suite (CD/Download) with 12 Premier returns. With this deal, prices start as low as $17.99 and reach $199.99 depending on the version you need.

H&R Block Canada also has a great offer out, which can get you a 20% discount on any order. Please note that this offer only applies to the purchase of physical copies of their software. Also, I promised I’d let everyone know when the H&R Block tax software would be available for download. Well, it is now and until March 31st, you will be able to download it and file a basic tax report for free. Amazing isn’t it? Visit for more details.

UFile, from the DrTax family, is another option worth considering. Although there is no coupon available at the moment, Ufile online is available for as low as $15.95 for an individual return, a very competitive rate. Plus, you can add a spouse for just $10.

There is also a special offer available at that can save you $10 on the purchase of the TurboTax Standard software (8 returns). This is a $1 rebate in comparison with the price available on TurboTax’s own site. Unfortunately,’s special offer on TurboTax software has expired.

Finally, all of these products also come in a french version and all the same deals should apply. For TurboTax, the french equivalent is ImpôtRapide for H&R Block it’s simply called Logiciel D’impôt and DrTax’s french software is called ImpôtExpert.

What option are you going for? Please let us know. Have you spotted another good deal? Please share it with others by leaving a comment.

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February 6, 2014 @ 10:30

I said I would let you know when H&R Block Canada made their tax software available for download. Well, here it is.

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