You? A Social Media Addict?

As you may know I like to throw in an opinion post every once in a while, about subjects that interest me or that I think are important in our society. Of course, I try to keep it relevant to what this website does, and the latest article that has struck me as interesting is this statistics article that talks about social media addiction. A type of addiction that we would never have seen just 15 years ago, but that according to a survey completed by Webroot, 46% of the respondents said that they consulted their favourite social network several times a day compared to 18% who answered only once a day.

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What about you? Are you a social media addict? I’m just asking out of curiosity. Of course there are always loads of questions we can ask about the relevance of this type of survey or study. Where do we draw the line between being an addict versus being a casual/healthy user. Because if having a look at Facebook more than once a day means that you are an addict I know loads of people that would fit the description. Plus, I’m also wondering if it’s such a big problem? Sure, too much of anything is a problem, but sounding a bit of time on your social media is a much milder addiction than a lot of other things.

For parents, this just means another thing they have to look out for, in other words, another challenge. So, it might not be you that is a the social media addict, but your kids, if you have any, will most likely face this challenge. Even I, as grown man, face that challenge of keeping a certain balance. The accessibility that smart phones give you is pretty impressive and, let’s admit it, addictive. This is why we have to try and draw the line somewhere. For example, when it starts invading your relationship with your spouse or close ones, I guess it’s time to take it easy a little bit. What do you think?

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