Five Ways to Protect a Smartphone in the Summer

Summer can be cruel for mobile devices and more specifically smartphones since these are carried around virtually everywhere people go, including the beach and pool parties. Use the following tips and tricks to reduce the risks of damaging a mobile device during those long summer days –and nights.

1- Avoid Over-Heating: Since certain smartphone models have a tendency to reach dangerous temperatures even without extreme heat, it only makes sense that the arrival of summer would motivate anyone to be extra careful. The main thing that needs to be remembered is not to leave it in the sun, especially on a car’s dashboard. When at the beach or at the pool, try to place it in a shaded area or at the very least, under a towel.

If at any point, it seems like a smartphone is showing signs of over-heating, place it in a freezer for a couple of minutes. This nifty trick should help to bring it back to a more normal and less dangerous temperature. Don’t leave it in there for too long though, since this could also cause some damage!

2- Protect from Water and Sand: Other than heat, the two other external elements that pose high risk threats to mobile devices are sand and water. Although the best way to avoid any problems is to of course use caution, it’s always better to play it safe since error is human. In other words, make sure to protect a smartphone with a case, which come at all sorts of prices (as low as $20), designs and offer different levels of protection.

There are a few suggested fixes for a smartphone that’s been damaged by sand or dirt, including using a q-tip, a vacuum or compressed air. When it comes to water damage though, irreversibility is possible but suggested solutions include rapidly putting the said phone in a bowl of either dry oat or uncooked rice.

3- Save from Scratching: To add that extra level of protection, use a screen protector. These are simple to use and come with several options including anti-glare. Plus, they are quite cheap to purchase with packs of 2 available for less than $10 at online stores such as

4- Lock your Smartphone: To protect a smartphone owner’s personal information in case of theft, it is advised to keep the device locked with a password. Now, this does not entirely solve this problem and isn’t abulletproof solution, but it can definitely prevent a lot complications.

5- Relocate a Lost or Stolen Device: All iPhone owners can find comfort in knowing that they can access their iCloud account at any time and use the Find my iPhone app to relocate their lost device. In fact, Windows and BlackBerry 10 phones come with an equivalent feature as well.

Unfortunately, since not all devices are equipped with this feature, it is recommended to install a tracking app such as Lookout Mobile Security (for Android). The way it works is that it uses the GPS chip within the smartphone to simply locate a lost or stolen mobile device. All that’s needed from the owner is to take the necessary precautions.

The Bottom Lime

It may seem like a lot of work to protect your smartphone at first, but considering how expensive these devices can be and the quantity of personal information they hold, it simply makes sense to protect them. While some of these tips may be good for use all year round, summer is the riskiest season because of the many opportunities for long nights out, swimming sessions and risks of over-heating. So make sure yours is properly protected and avoid having to spend your hard earned cash on replacing it.

Did we miss anything? Let us know and we’ll add your tip to the list

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