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This is a quick post just to let everyone know that has been featured in Hollie Shaw’s article about the 2012 Boxing Day.

Take a look at the article here:
‘It is very robust this year’: Canadians flock to retailers’ Boxing Day bargains

Article Overview

Even with Boxing Day evolving into a weekly phenomenon, December 26th was as strong as ever in 2012, especially. In fact, an overwhelming majority of 62% of Canadians had planned to shop during Boxing Day, according to data obtained by the Bank of Montreal.’s very own Marc-Andre was even quoted saying: “I think on Black Friday and Cyber Monday people focus more on presents for others and during Boxing Week they shop for themselves, reward themselves a little bit […] Boxing Week is pretty much leftover stock for the year that stores are trying to get rid of, so I don’t think they necessarily compete with each other”.

In addition, surveyed consumers who answered they would be shopping for others outnumbered those who planned to shop for themselves — an interesting fact considering Boxing Day directly follows Christmas.

About Hollie Shaw

She is a marketing editor and journalist at the Financial Post.

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