Is a Price War About to Hit Canada?

Now that merchants such as Target and Marshalls have arrived on Canadian soil many analysts think that customers will get to enjoy some tremendously advantageous deals. What are the reasons behind this? And why haven’t we been enjoying these deals sooner?

While Target’s first months in Canada haven’t met initial expectations, it is rumoured that a price war is brewing between newly arrived American brands, such as the previously mentioned ones as well the expanding Walmart and other Canadian brands that will be looking to retain their market share — Canadian Tire, Joe Fresh and Indigo are among the rumoured Canadian belligerents.

With all the Holiday related sales — prime examples being Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Week– just around the corner, merchants are said to be on the verge of upping the Ante in terms of sales, with an increase in “two items for the price of one” type promotions as well as more competitive return policies.

With even more merchants, like Microsoft, Zara Home, Ann Taylor, White Market and Black House set to arrive in Canada shortly, hopefully the quality of deals will remain high even past these sales events. With each brand trying to conquer its share of the market this should not be a problem.

Do you believe a price war is coming to Canada? (have you heard anything?) Which store are you the most excited about?

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