Sony Versus Microsoft – The Showdown (Update)

A war of prices is brewing between the two biggest players in the video game console industry: Sony and Microsoft. Months before their respective launches, we already know that the two devices will have comparable specs and that Sony’s PS4 will be available for $100 less than Microsoft’s XBox One.

*UPDATE: Microsoft have decided to back away from two unpopular decisions they had taken regarding the XBox One:
First off, the decision to control the resell of second-hand games has been reconsidered. XBox One owners will be able to sell their games after they have used them in the same manner as with the XBox 360.
Secondly, XBox One consoles will not be required to be connected to the internet at least once every 24 hours to function.
Consequently, the PlaySation 4’s announced advantage over the XBox One should not be as considerable as early reports stated.

Along with the considerable price difference ($399 US versus $499 US), Sony also revealed that unlike the XBox One, the PlayStation 4 will be compatible with second hand games and that a permanent connection to the internet won’t be necessary. Does this mean that the Japanese giant will get the upper hand in terms of sales over its American rival? Only time will tell, although some websites are already taking sides. Have a look at this (politically incorrect but funny) post from BuzzFeed to get an idea of who will get the upper hand according to many.

Why Restrain the Use of Second Hand Games?

Xbox One Controller image

To resell a game, owners will have to do so by selling it to a Microsoft affiliated store. In other words, the days where people could sell their old games to friends or one of the many websites who offer this service will soon be over, for XBox One users at least.

By doing this, Microsoft is clearly hoping to raise its profits. However, it’s a risky move as many users have already voiced their frustrations in regards with this decision.

PlayStation 4 Controller image

On the other hand, Sony has also created quite a stir in the industry by announcing that users will no longer be able to play online for free as it is the case with the PlayStation 3. This won’t necessarily give Microsoft an edge though, since this company has been charging for online play for years and this hasn’t resulted in a clear disadvantage.

The Bottom-Line

Some early reports are picking the PlayStation 4 as the winner, but gamers are loyal customers and considering the XBox One’s impressive line-up of exclusive titles (Halo, Gears of War, Dead Rising 3, Fable, Ryse: Son of Rome, Killer Instinct, Quantum Break, Project Spark, Titanfall, and Forza 5), many industry analysts are hesitant to count Microsoft’s console out.

Both of these two video game consoles are announced for release in the Fall of 2013 and the competition should be fierce. With over 70 million devices sold for their most recent generation of devices, these two companies are neck and neck in terms of sales.

Pre-order the PlayStation4 at or stay tuned for the best offers for each device. Expect The Source, Future Shop, Best Buy and other specialized websites to come out with impressive bundles.

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