Make the Most Out of Weekly Flyers with SaleWhale

Going through flyers every week can be a rather time consuming activity. Thankfully there are several services out there that aim at making this process simpler, and hopefully more satisfying. One of these is, which enables users to rapidly browse their region’s weekly flyers or to find all the in-store offers available for a specific brand or product.

Simply head to SaleWhale to get started and to either create an account or to consult this website anonymously. Even if you choose the second option your general location will be picked up, the result being that you will only see rebates that are relevant to where you live. This being said, to have a more complete experience it is suggested to create an account, this way you will be able to save sales for future reference and to create alerts which will notify you when chosen products are on sale.

Other than that, the people behind this service have done a good job listing deals from an impressive quantity of merchants, including certain smaller independent chains. Simply use the Browse Flyers link to see all participating merchants in your area. Results generally include grocery stores, drug stores and big surface stores like Target and Walmart.

On a finishing note, another great feature is the capacity to search for a specific product and to see if it is discounted in your area. So, if you have just ran out of deodorant and forgot to plan ahead by buying back up sticks, you won’t necessarily have to pay full price anymore. Since your brand of choice is most likely on sale in your area.

Have you ever used WhaleSale? If yes, how did you like this service?

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