How to Plan Your Black Friday Shopping

For those of you in the dark about Black Friday (BF), the massive event is happening on November 26th, 2021, but we’ve already been seeing pre-Black Friday offers being issued. Before I started working on the web, I had no idea that BF was a ‘thing’. Since then, I’ve learned my lesson, but in a good way. A few years ago I decided to write a list of all the Christmas presents I wanted to get people as well as a few birthday ones that were coming up.

From my rough calculations, I saved about 30% off what I would have paid if I hadn’t shopped wisely and used the BF weekend sales to their full effect. Granted, this chasing of sales took its toll on my time. I think I spent an extra 2 hours browsing multiple websites for the best deals on the items I wanted to get, but on the other hand, I made this time up by the fact that I did all of my BF shopping last year online.

Now, if I were a wizard or commander of a vast army focused on snagging the best deals, I would have them scour the web for the best place to buy every product this Black Friday. Alas, I don’t have these powers — Bummer. But we did the next best thing and this technique is something I wanted to teach you today to maximize your Black Friday savings (in Canada).

Steps to Saving (probably the most efficient method)

Step 1) Make a list of all the items/products/services you want to get people as gifts for Christmas and any birthdays coming up. Also make a list of any items you will almost certainly get for yourself over the coming months (to save in the long run);

Step 2) Set your alarm clock to go off on your lunch break at work on Friday 27th (if you can’t make that time, then whenever you get a chance over the next week);

Step 3) Search in your favourite search engine for “Buy xxxx in Canada” and hopefully, a list of different places to buy your product should come up;

Step 4) Review the first 3 and decide which one has the cheapest price (bearing in mind shipping costs);

Step 5) Once you have decided what store to buy your item from, come back to and look at the A-Z tab to find the store you selected — I hope we have that store, email us if we don’t), and click it.;

Step 6) Now review the coupons listed and select one that best suits your needs — again I hope we have a coupon that can help – we work very hard to list all the coupons available;

Step 7) Apply the coupon(s) you selected at the store’s checkout.

And enjoy the savings!

Black Friday Coupons (Method 2)

Alternatively, Stephen has created a fantastic consolidation (a round-up if you will) off all the best and most significant Black Friday coupons available in Canada, that I highly recommend you check out if you have the time. More than anything, it will give you the inspiration of what to buy and where to get it.

Some of the best offers are for stores like Kobo (which he has a great coupon for) and The Bay (which is running a truly impressive sale this week). Stephen has been working like crazy to update these pages with new offers as they are made available. If there is a decent coupon code or sale going on in Canada for a big store, it’s more than likely listed (it will save you time vs going to all of your favourite websites to look at what they are offering anyway).

After updating the pages of coupons, his focus will have been on the Cyber Monday shopping event, which kicks off on Monday, November 29th 2021. So if you didn’t get around to doing all your shopping on the BF weekend, then take a look at the aforementioned page for all the Cyber Monday coupons. It’s probably your best bet for deals leading up to the holiday shopping season.

Please share some of the deals you are planning to snag? (Use the comment section below to start the conversation.)

oh and thanks to chameleonjohn for the image.

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