Happy Valentine’s Day

All right, I have to admit that I went out searching for the cheesiest movie cover I could find 🙂 Now that I have your attention, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. I know this isn’t necessarily the most serious of festivities, but it sure is a good excuse to spend some quality time with that special someone in your life.

Personally, I never used to care too much for Valentine’s Day, but as I am getting a little older I realize that women like to feel loved that special day. A lot of them pretend they don’t, but who doesn’t like being reminded that they’re appreciated?

One of my buddies for example, half-seriously says that you always need to get the biggest gift as possible, just to make sure that he and his girlfriend earn some bragging rights. I definitely don’t share this point of view but I thought it symbolized well what some people don’t like about this day. Referring to it as rather superficial. While I can’t entirely disagree with this, that train of thought is quickly overshadowed by how pleasant it is to make someone happy. Plus, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money. A simple gesture, like making breakfast or cooking a nice meal can make the difference. What do you think?

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