Ready for Halloween? Here are some Discounts & Resources

It’s easy to get carried away on events like Halloween. Personally, I’m always between two minds as to what approach to take: Do I go all out, get a new costume for myself (or my dog) and throw a party with all my friends. Or do I take the more savvy approach, which consists of creating a costume with stuff that I already own and not even give away any candy?

Funny dog costume image He looks like a happy chap doesn’t he?
All I know is that I’ll probably end up doing something in between the two and that I’ll be penny-pinching like a mad man along the way. This is why I have decided to consolidate all sorts of information that you should find helpful when looking for ways to save money this Halloween or to stretch a budget.

First off, I’ll be pointing out the best deals available online. After that, I have assembled a selection of articles and resources that I found instructive to finding creative ways to save a few bucks this Halloween. Some ideas aren’t for everyone, but they do a good job of opening up your mind to all sorts of frugal approaches.

The Best Halloween Coupons in Canada

Use Code: SALE5 or DIS100 to either get 5% off orders of $50+ or $10 off orders of $100+ at Wholesale Halloween Costumes;

Use code: FACEBOOK10 in order to get 10% off at Costume Chick Canada;

Use code: SAVE5 to get 5% off orders of $50 or more at the Wholesale Costume Club;

Use code: OPENING in order to get 20% off all orders from Spirit Halloween;

Use code: LIKE5 at Oya Costumes Canada to enjoy $5 off all orders of $50 or more;

Use code: 5-off25 or 10-off50 at Costume Express to either get $5 off orders of $25+ or $10 off orders of $50+;

Use code: FACEB15 at in order to enjoy 15% off purchases.

Other Helpful Resources to Save on Halloween Purchases is a great resource to find awesome ideas including everything from crafts ideas to Halloween recipes.

Check out this article from The Globe and Mail that includes all sorts of tips on how to save on costumes, candy and decorations this Halloween.

Also, here’s an article from Bargaineering that touches on the same subjects, with a little bit more originality. Ideas include everything from not participating at all to giving out the candy yourself.

Finally, this has nothing to do with being frugal, but this Halloween compilation from America’s Funniest Home Videos, should definitely make you laugh.

How about you? Do you know about any helpful resources for Halloween or have tips on how to save this year?

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