Gift Ideas for under $20, $30, $50 and $100 for 2013 Holidays

Shopping for a significant other or family can be hard enough but what about friends and coworkers? The following list of 2013 gift ideas on a budget has been compiled to include a variety of Canadian items, from clothes, jewelry, electronics and even food. Browse through it for some inspiration and let us know below which gift idea you will be getting.

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Gifts Ideas Under $20

1. PotteryBarn’s Peace Heart Glass Ornament for $8.51.
2. Sephora’s The Special Effects Collection for $16.50.
3. Clair de Lume’s Set of 4 Mugs in Gold & Silver for $9.98.
4. ThingGeek’s Classic Nintendo Remote for $19.99.
5. Stokes’ Digital Piggy Bank for $15.99.
6. Linen Chest’s Beer Cap Catcher for $9.95.
7. DecalGirl’s Flying Tree Skin for Apple’s Ipad at $19.99.
8. NailPolishCanada’s 5 Piece Nail Dotters for $9.95.

Gifts Ideas Under $30

1. Bed Bath & Beyond’s Lamo Ear Muffs for $24.99.
2.’s Pink Giant Cupcake Carrier for $24.96.
3.’s Sunlight Streaming Through the Forest Poster for $24.99.
4. Veseys’ Globe Bird Feeder for $29.95.
5. A lovely bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey liquor from the local alcohol store for $29.88.
6. Stokes’ Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace for $29.99.
7. Shotflask’s Flask with a Collapsible Shot Glass for $25.
8. Flirty Apron’s Aqua Damask Apron for $29.95.

Gifts Ideas Under $50

1. David’s Tea’s The Perfect Gift for $39.50.
2. Best Buy’s Diamond Mini Speakers for $46.99.
3. Sports Experts’ Winter Aviator Style Hat for $32.99.
4. Bloomingdale’s Oval Stone Drop Earrings for $43.49.
5. Swarovski’s iPhone 4/4S Case for $50.
6.’s Santa Pants Filled with Chocolate for $34.50.
7. Khiel’s Essential Body and Face Washes for $40.
8. Lululemon’s Rover Pants for $49.

Gifts Ideas Under $100

1. Bed Bath & Beyond’s Queen-Sized Night Blossom Duvet for $69.99.
2. Roots’ Leather Gloves For TouchScreens at $98.
3. Bed Bath & Beyond’s Rapid Beverage Cooler for $79.99.
4. Oakley’s Solution Tote for Vacation Week-Ends at $90.
5. Chapters Indigo’s Kobo Touch for $99.99.
6. Toys R Us’ White Furby for $54.
7. Wet Shaving Products’ “The Monarch” Shaving Brush, made of Badger Hair, for $74.99.
8. Teaavana’s Imperial Dragon Cast Iron Tea Post in Copper for $99.95.

Since these lists are a ton of fun to compile, we’d love to hear from you about 2013 holiday gift ideas. Comment below and we will add your ideas to a new list!



December 10, 2012 @ 14:31

Oh my gosh, this is such a wicked list, thanks!! I’m a huge fan of chocolate and anything related so my go-to gift would be a selection of fine truffles from Laura Secord.

Anything pet related is a good idea too; everyone loves their companions!

Promo Master

December 10, 2012 @ 14:04

Hey Margarita, Here are my top picks (can you tell I’m a guy?)

Under $20
– Personalized cooking aprons
– Creative candles (like a wooden effect one)
– Personalized egg cups
– Cool tea cosy
– Loads of tea samples
– Gift certificate
– USB splitter
– iphone or phone case/screen protector
– ANYTHING from ThinkGeek or
– Bungee bird feeder
– Head massager
– Glow in the dark gloves
– Smelly diffusers like a pine tree smell

Under $30
– Mini portable speakers from ihome
– Man bowl
– Gadgets for iphone and ipad
– Wine pump to keep it fresher
– Retro space hopper
– Funny socks
– Funny mix messages mug
– LED light up balloons
– Fancy underwear

Under $50
– 3 ski sled
– Apples to apples board game
– Gardening kneeling kit to protect knees
– Lonely planet of their own city to really explore it
– 50 shades of grey for the fun moment of watching their face when they open it
– Touch screen gloves for smart phones
– Hot water bottle
– Colourful winter thermals

Under $100
– A weekend bag
– Expensive leather slippers that will last forever
– Pretty bed sheets
– A meaningful photo on a canvass
– Snow shoes
– Call of Duty black ops 2 (for the gamer fans)

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