Flappy Bird: The Top 4 Alternatives

While the disappearance of Flappy Bird from the App Store and Google Play Store took many by surprise, there are several other comparable options available to gamers. Rest assured, these are often as difficult and potentially addictive as the original one.

The Top 4 Flappy Bird Alternatives:

1- Splashy Fish is one of the most obvious copies of Flappy Bird and what makes it sit at the top of this list is the fact that it is the rip-off that comes the closest in terms of how smooth and simple ir is to understand the game.

2- Amazing Cupid is said to be more than just a Flappy Bird clone, even going as far as surpassing the original title’s gameplay. At the time of writing, this game was exclusively available for Android, but iOS versions should arrive soon.

3- Flappy Bert is an in-browser alternative to this extremely popular game that was created by the developers responsible for representing Sesame Street. This specific game gets some extra points for sparking some nostalgia for everyone who grew up watching Sesame Street.

4- The only reason why this game occupies the fourth spot of this ranking is because it isn’t free like the previously mentioned games, at $1.99. This being said, Threes is described as seemingly extremely simple on the surface while containing tons of depth. In other words, this clever game should keep you entertained for hours.

How about you? Do you have recommendations?

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