5 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2013

The new year is set to be an exciting one with a variety of highly anticipated videogames coming out. Read about PromotionalCode.ca’s picks for the top 5 most looked-forward to games for 2013.

Keep in mind that though discounts are rarely made available for newly released games, pre-ordering them, especially as part of a bundle, can yield slight savings.

BioShock – March 26, 2013

The initial two BioShock games were set in underwater city of Rapture in the 1940’s, and were centered around how citizens began to genetically enhance themselves with ADAM collected from sea slugs in order to develop powers such as the wielding of fire, ice, telekinesis and so forth.

Though BioShock: Infinite was inspired by its predecessors, which came out in 2007 and 2010 respectively, it will actually be set in the American Exceptionalism of 1912. The upcoming BioShock will also feature a much larger map and some of the decisions that the player will face may have devastating effects on the end. An interesting facet is that the script for the game was written with the help of the voice actors, who added their own personality and flair to the characters for a more immersive gaming experience.

Discover Columbia, the characters and see media from BioShock: Infinite at their official website.

Grand Theft Auto: V – Between April & June 2013

Drawn into the criminal underworld of Los Santos, players will have the option to switch between 3 of the main characters: a former back robber, a war veteran, and a repo man.

It’s hard to believe that the first Grand Theft Auto was released as far back as 1997 with the 4th one coming out in 2008. Though a highly controversial game mainly because of its intense violence, the 5th one is promising to have the largest world to date with incredible graphics that are sure to keep players entertained for weeks. In fact, the world map will reportedly be as big as the combination of Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA 4 — crazy stuff!

Check out NowGamer for more details on characters, gameplay locations and vehicles.

Tomb Raider – March 5, 2013

The latest installment will focus on how Lara Croft has evolved into the iconic survivalist that has spurred a number of video games and movies. The player will be faced with the different tasks of finding resources and protection from ruthless mercenaries on a strange island.

As with the numerous previous installments, players will have to explore, scavenge and solve puzzles in order to advance in the game. A new feature is that Lara will be able to hunt animals as well. A major point raised among fans is how different Lara looks in this origin story. It’s important to remember that the new Lara Croft is a younger and more vulnerable version of her older and sexier self.

God of War: Ascension – March 12, 2013

Throughout the God of War series, which began in 2005, players were faced with Kratos, a power hungry and ruthless leader, who even went so far as to kill his wife and child. Promising jaw-dropping graphics, God of War: Ascension will show players a more human side of Kratos as well as his redemption for past sins.

Though it’s a hack-n-slash kind of game, which is normally reserved for one-player modes, God of War:Ascension’s most talked about feature is the multi-player mode. It will allow players to team up and destroys players from all over the world.

Take a look at all of the upcoming God of War features to heighten your anticipation for the game.

The Walking Dead – 2013; Month Unknown

Based on the highly popular comic series The Walking Dead, this first person shooter version is a prequel to AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show. As Daryl Dixon, the player will need to maneuver amongst the hordes of zombies.

Differentiating itself from other games of its genre, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is about surviving, while walking and driving around through Georgia. While players can pick up stranger hitchhikers, they will then need to decide which missions and what supplies to send them off with for the better of the group as these individuals may not always make it back.

Watch the motion comic of the beginning of The Walking Dead here.

Which video game are you most looking forward to in 2013?

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