Is your Floor in Need of a ProMist Flat Mop? Get $5 Off

Coupon: Get $5 off a ProMist flat mop from Vileda.
Expiry Date: Not Specified (Check Success Graph).

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Details: In order to access this printable coupon, users will need to “like” the Vileda Canada page on Facebook, a feature accessible by clicking on green button located above. Once this is completed, claimants will simply need to click on the coupon of their choice, which can be printed through the SmartSource printer applet. This last part only takes a few seconds and won’t use much space on your computer.

Having just purchased this flat mop for my own household, I feel it is a worthy purchase considering its great advantages compared to other similar products. More specifically, unlike other flat mops out there, it doesn’t require any batteries to function and any cleaning solution that can be re-filled as many times as desired. In fact, the microfiber pads are re-usable and can be washed up to a hundred times.

Plus, with a retail price of over $22 at (without this printable coupon), it is quite affordable.

Take example from me and make sure to have your coupon in hand when heading to the store. I knew I should have checked if there were any available, just in case, and it’s with great shame that I have to admit that I didn’t follow rules #4 and #67 of the bargain hunting handbook: “Stay away from impulsive purchase!” and “Always double-check if you have your coupons with you”. That’s right — I have made a newbie out of myself. I won’t let this happen ever again.

More seriously, there are often a couple of other printable coupons available at Vileda’s Facebook page. For example, at the moment of writing these lines, there were $3 rebates available for the FibroContact broom and the Bee Mop as well as a $1 off coupon for the Scrub & Go sponge.

From personal experience, while Vileda’s products tend to be a bit more expensive than ones from competitors, they often offer superior performance and durability for the money spent.

How about you? Do you have some feedback to provide about Vileda products? If so, let others know by leaving a comment.

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