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Coupon: Enjoy $5 off a Rubbermaid Reveal Mop.
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Details: Use this printable coupon in-store and enjoy $5 off the purchase of a Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop.

Just look at the image above. Isn’t that the sexiest mop you have every seen? (I’m not actually joking here, I actually think it’s uber sleek). If you’re in need of a new mop but aren’t really sold between this puppy or a swiffer (I love my swiffer by the way, even though its ridiculously expensive) here are a few features to enjoy;

– It has a built-in refillable spray bottle where you can put your household cleaner of choice (this is a nice touch if you are a frugalmeister like me and want to make your own cleaning solution).
– It uses a reusable microfiber pad that makes the Rubbermaid Reveal a more sustainable option than other similar mops.
– It doesn’t take as much storage space (as some rivals) and it is claimed that it offers results that are equal or even better than traditional mops (like not having water damage issues with wooden floors because of too much liquid on the mop warping the floor boards).

Okay I kind of want one now. Anyone have one? Or going to claim this offer, I need some recommendations before I commit!

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