$2 Off Tasty Kashi Crackers

Have you ever tried Kashi granola bars. I personally love them but I understand that some people may not like them too much. They’re definitely not the sweetest out or the most appealing to the eye out there. But they do a good job of filling you up without being full of sugar and consequently calories. That’s all I ask. So, although I’ve never tried Kashi’s crackers yet, I think it’s safe to bet to that they’ve taken the same approach as with
Kashi Crackers their granola bars.

Have you tired them yet? If you have and you would like to get a rebate (since it’s always nice to get a bargain) or you’re curious to try them for the first them, here’s a Kashi $2 coupon applicable on the purchase of Kashi snack crackers and pita crisps. There’s a limit of 1 coupon per household and you need to have reached the age of majority in your province of residence.

Claim your $2 off Kashi Coupon

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