Enjoy $5 Off any Vichy Capital Soliel Item

Coupon: Complete a Vichy Canada sun care diagnosis form to get your $5 off printable for any Vichy Capital Soleil product.
Expiry Date: May 31st, 2014

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Details: A little bit of work is needed in order to qualify for your printable coupon. You will need to head over to the Vichy website and run the advice and diagnostics. There are a few diagnosis’ to try, I simply chose the first one in my test, but if you’re interested you should probably run the test that is most applicable for you or probably for best results do the sun care one.

The test took around 4 mins to complete, but you can burn through it faster if you don’t care about the results. After that you will/should be prompted to enter tour email address. Then simply wait a couple of hours for your printable coupon to arrive.

The great thing about this offer is that the coupon is valid until the 31st December 2014, for all those going on Winter holidays. By the way, please read the expiry dates on your current sun protection, quite often these products only last a year or two before their effectiveness is reduced.

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