Brita Water Bottle $2 Off Coupon

Coupon: Get $2 off a Brita water bottle.
Expiry Date: June 30th 2012.

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Details: Get $2 off the purchase of a Brita water bottle, which has a built-in filter, upon the presentation of this printable coupon in-store. There is a limit of 1 coupon per purchase.

While I’ve never personally tried this specific product from Brita, I have been using their filters since I was a child. I guess I’ve been brain-washed, and I carried on doing it when I moved out on my own. I find that it helps get rid of that chlorine after-taste. Plus, the fact that Brita filters have been tested and certified by NSF International (the leading authority for water filtration products) gives me a certain peace-of-mind to think that extra impurities are being filtered out of the water (when I replace the water I can see loads of black specs that the filter has caught too).

Plus, for me it just makes sense to use a filter instead of regular plastic bottles, as not only do the latter cause tremendous waste, they also get pretty expensive in the long run and, even worse, an estimated 25% of bottled water is just tap water, which hasn’t even necessarily been treated.

All right, you must think that I’m a Brita filter nut by now… Don’t worry, I don’t think filtering water is a must, and I realize that it’s quite simple to use your Brita pitcher before pouring its content in a bottle to-go. But I guess you could skip a few steps (I potentially avoid wasting a lot of time in the long run) by using this specific bottle to take with you while jogging or to the gym. Plus, considering that it usually retails for about $10, getting a $2 rebate is a pretty decent deal.

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