Get All of’s Free Gift w/ Purchase Offers in One Place

The people who run have been nice enough to put together a great section where shoppers can find all the gifts with purchase offers of the moment, in one place.

In this special section, complimentary gifts almost all come with the purchase of beauty products –whether it’s a perfume or cosmetics– from renowned brands such as CLINIQUE, LANCÔME, GIVENCHY, GUCCI, CLARINS, GUERLAIN, SHISHEIDO, PRADA, MICHAEL KORS, DOLCE & GABBANA and RALPH LAUREN.

Of course, you will need to shell out a little bit of money to get your hands on these gifts, but having access to this information takes the randomness element out of receiving these complimentary gifts. In other words, thanks to this section you can know what offers are available at a specific moment and potentially choose when to purchase a certain product in order to ultimately get the most bang for your buck.

Receiving either a beauty bonus kit, tote bag, massage gel, toiletry bag, fragrance sample, deodorant stick or jewellery pouch without any extra charge is always a nice bonus when purchasing beauty products.

If for any reason, you’re interested in learning more about this online store as well as what other special offers are available, I suggest that you have a look at our store page for The Bay as it lists in a digestible format all online promotions available at Plus, on this page you can also find more information about this website such as practical shopping tips.

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