Stream 10 Free Movies Thanks to CinemaNow

As a bit of a movie buff I’m always looking for opportunities to watch good –and free– motion pictures online, but I’m not really into streaming them illegally. So, this is why this freebie from CinemaNow piqued my interested as it enables anyone of signs up to this service to watch up to 10 movies for free.

Click Here to Choose Your 10 Movies at CinemaNow

Of course, since I’m already a Netflix subscriber one may think that there isn’t any point in claiming this freebie. But considering that some titles offered for free at CinemaNow are not available on Netflix, this makes a decent opportunity to stream so free movies.

Here are some of the movies available:
Hall Pass
Conspiracy Theory
Battlestar Gallactica
Batman Returns
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
A Knight’s Tale
A Cinderella Story

Pretty good selection isn’t it? Just make sure to claim this offer prior to January 31st, 2014 since this is when it expires, in its current form at least. I’m definitely going to watch Batman Returns again, and I just know my girlfriend will want to make me watch A Cinderella Story. How about you? What movies are you going to stream?

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