SPENT: The Free Game with a Valuable Lesson

On this blog we often mention freebies for free games, but this edition has a bit of a different twist to it as the game featured in this edition aims at teaching us a valuable lesson regarding our financial situation rather than providing an opportunity to escape life’s daily routine. Are you ready to take the SPENT challenge?

Putting players in the shoes of someone who is “running out of money fast” and has to survive on minimum wage, SPENT puts us to test by placing us in tough real-life situations. Every choice we make has an impact and pushes us to ask ourselves some tough questions. For example, how far from work are you willing to live to save on rent and what you would you do when facing injustice? It may sound simple at first, but the game is designed in such a way that tough decisions just seem to keep piling up, creating an overwhelming effect.

Can you make it through the month image

Sure, this game won’t cause a revolution in the gaming world in terms how smooth the gaming environment and graphics are, but it should definitely put things in perspective, potentially pushing us to have more empathy for the less fortunate and reminding us the importance of maintaining good personal finance habits.

You may notice certain inconsistencies since this game was designed by and for Americans (like having to pay for health insurance), but most of the situations can be applied to life in Canada.

I ran out of cash in 16 days! How long did you last without cutting corners?

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