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Now, I don’t usually write blog posts about free apps. Mainly because there are just so many of them. I would be writing like a mad man to just keep up. But today I wanted to share with you a special one, one that’s gaining some serious street cred, and one I have emailed/messaged/FB’d to about 100 of my friends, and as I class each and every one of you as a friend–how soppy–I wanted to give you the heads up–if you didn’t already know.

Basically this free app is called Songza, and currently it’s only available from the app store (the apple version) so you can only download it for the iphones and itouches out there. But if you have one of these gadgets then you should definitely head over to the app store and download this app while it’s still free.

What does it do? As the logo suggests this app is a huge list of music playlists. Broken down into genres and sub-genres and customizable. The playlists were created by pro’s–seriously these peeps know what they are doing–I couldn’t never have made a playlist anything like the quality of these. And they add new ones all the time to keep things fresh.

Songza Playlist example

The app is smart, intuitive (for example the time of the day is an indicator of what type of playlists to feature–amazing), easy to use, fast and pretty. Best of all it’s ad free and you don’t have to pay for the music you’re listening to! (Obviously if you are streaming the music via 3g please be careful of your data usage).

One of my favourite playlists is the ‘Monday Morning Bright and Happy Pop’ which really made me feel good about waking up slow and enjoying the start to the week (which simply never happens).

Have you downloaded the app? What’s your top pick playlist?

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