Share Free Kindness Cards with Gift Of Kindness

Whoever came up with the saying “nothing in life is free” should tell the people over at about it because it looks like they haven’t gotten the memo yet. Giving away free “kindness cards”, this organization will send out a few cards to anyone who takes the time to sign up for their website.

Click Here to Sign Up for Gift Of Kindness

kindness card imageAt this website, you have the choice between signing up by entering your name and address or printing out the cards to pass them on yourself. According to their site, all the people behind it want to do is to encourage people to perpetuate a kindness and hopefully encourage recipients of the card to participate and come up with an act of kindness of their choice.

Although some people may be tempted to label this concept as cheesy, I think it’s nice that some people are coming up with new ways to push people to be nicer to each other. What about you?

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