Receive a Free “Get Started with Boating” DVD

Right in time for the start of water sports season, DiscoverBoating is giving away free copies of its “Get Started in Boating” DVD. Keep reading to learn more about this special offer.

Click Here to Claim your Free Boating DVD

Meant to serve as an introduction video for people interested in learning more about the world of boating, this DVD touches on a variety of subjects related to this popular leisure activity. Thee include:
The different boat types and their uses
How to shop for you boat?
Tips on towing, trailering, safety and more.

At, you will also be able to find plenty more information about the recreational boating industry, like a Beginner’s Guide to Boating as well as an online version of the Get Started in Boating video.

Also, as you may know, before being able to legally operate a watercraft, Canadians must pass a boating exam. There are many online resources like Boater Exam and Ace Boater that offer this service and that can emit Pleasure Craft Operator cards. Look these up if you’re interested.

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