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It is not necessarily new that gamers can play Starcraft 2 for free, the cool thing actually is that the Starcraft II : Wings of Liberty demo, which was previously available online, has been replaced by the Starcraft II : Starter Edition. A more complete and fun Starcraft 2 free trial that includes the first four missions of the single-player game with the option of adding another extra mission. Considering that some of these missions take forever to complete and that this offer is totally free I don’t see what could stop you from enjoying it, unless you are simply not into this type of game.

Click here to Play Starcraft 2 for Free

As it is mentioned on the blog the mentions included in this video game are simply epic. I remember playing the original Starcraft back when I was in my early high school years and being captivated by the missions, it’s so intense it’s literally hypnotic. So, only try out this freebie if you have some spare time ahead of you or you don’t necessarily have too much of a competitive nature when it comes to video games or else I can assure you will purchase the entire game and will probably end up wasting loads of time in front of your computer.

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