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If you like pizza like Donatello and have as many kids as Angelina Jolie you may be interested in the following special offer from Pizza Pizza. For a limited time customers will get a Pizza Pizza free gift with all orders of a large 2 topping pizza, priced $13.99. The gift consists in a free back to school lunch bag, over $10 in back to school coupons and a free dipping sauce. A pretty generous offer from such a popular pizza restaurant.

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Stephen and I order pizza from this specific restaurant fairly often (yes, we get that lazy every now and then). If we are not going to the neighbourhood restaurant we go straight to and order online. This feature makes it really easy and fast to order food, plus the quality of the pizza is quite impressive for the price you pay. At least it tastes really good. Another cool thing I wanted to talk about before wrapping up this post is the cool Pizza Pizza app, which as won an award for “best mobile shopping app” at the 15th edition of the Webby awards. What makes it so great is that people can order their pizza right from the app, using geo-location in order to streamline the process. Basically making it faster and easier.

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