A Fish’s Life – Get Free Stickers from PETA Kids

PETA Kids are always coming up with new inventive ways to raise awareness about animal rights. Their latest approach is to give away free stickers along with a free comic called “A Fish’s Life”.

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While not everyone agrees with PETA’s message or tactics, introducing your kids to the notion of respecting animals will make sense to most. Plus, this short comic, free stickers kit and helpful facts available at petakids.com should help to explain the notion of respecting animals with words little ones can understand.

In this specific campaign, kids will learn more about fish and how they can be protected, picking up interesting facts about this species along the way, such as this one:

Some fish like to garden! These gardeners with gills allow tasty types of algae to grow while weeding out the types they don’t like to eat“.

I didn’t even know that. Did you?

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