McDonald’s Free Coffee

For a limited time at all McDonald’s locations in Canada, from September 22nd to 29th 2014, everyone can get a free small premium roast coffee. I’m sure you’ve heard about this promotion before, as it available from time to time at McDonald’s.

Coffee business is a very profitable market and McDonald’s are desperately trying to get a bigger share of it. Since McDonald’s isn’t necessarily the first name you think of when you think of getting a coffee, they are trying to change that by giving you a free coffee. In the end what do you have to lose? There are much worst things in life than getting a free if you ask me. Now, I’ve never tasted their brew so I can’t really encourage you to try it any other way than by reminding you that it’s free.

How do you manage your coffee consumption? Do you just give in and drink as much as you can or do you have a specific approach to it? Personally, I try to limit my consumption by only drinking coffee from an espresso machine. I know it may sound snobby, but it’s actually my tactic for limiting the quantity of coffee I drink. I simply coffee so much that if it didn’t feel like a special treat I’d just drink it all the time. Plus, actually going out of your way in order to get a latte is time consuming and somewhat expensive, and I don’t have that much time and money to waste. So, here’s my tactic. How do you deal with it?

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