Kashi Cardboard Challenge

Kashi has just launched its awesome Cardboard Challenge, giving away a free granola bar of their choice to everyone who simply claims it online. They call this freebie this way since they are fully aware that loads of people mock healthy food by saying that it tastes like cardboard. As a food company which prides itself in offering healthy food that tastes great, Kashi has decided to challenge these doubters by offering them a free Kashi bar. If they don’t like it, the owner of the company will eat the cardboard box that usually contains the granola bars.

Click here to take Cardboard Challenge and Claim your Free Kashi Bar

You may call it a publicity stunt, we call it a freebie, and you know just how much we like freebies. Plus, this one is actually for a great product. These granola bars taste great and there is no need to have any remorse will eating them since they are full of good ingredients. I personally try to eat to eat well and Kashi bars are among my favorites. Not only are they filling, but they actually feel like a treat, nothing like a cardboard box. Choose between roasted almond crunch, chewy trail mix, fruit & grain peanutty dark chocolate and soft-baked blackberry flavors using the link above. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed and that nobody will end up eating cardboard

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