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If you’re anything like my girlfriend and I, then you’re probably always on the lookout for new interesting recipes to try out. Since, we find that the web is an endless resource for this, the following offer from Ingredients etc. serves as a great example. It’s entirely free for you to subscribe and it’s loaded with recipe ideas.

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As the official magazine for the dairy product company Saputo, Ingredients etc. is filled with relishing concoctions prepared using milk, cheese, ice cream, and pretty much any other food that falls under the dairy product category.

In it, you will find everything from recipes for crab spring rolls, mini burgers, deli sandwiches, shrimp quesadillas, paella salad to sweet beverages like a mocha granita (Italian name for iced coffee) and smoothies.

Of course, given that this is a promotional tool for this brand, expect ads for all of this company’s sub-brands to be included throughout the magazine. This being said, it only takes a few seconds to claim the offer and the general quality of the magazine is definitely worth it.

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