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It’s always a welcome sight to see a new website offering up freebie goods to Canadians. This one was referred to us from a friend to (thanks Magda). For those of you that haven’t heard of Sample Source before, you will be excited to know that every now and then they release a goody bag of freebies. And not just peel off samples (like the ones you get in magazines) but full-on sample sized products (think more like granola bars and free magazines than a whole box of dishwasher tablets). And on the occasion they have been known to throw in some free coupons for certain full-sized products that they provide samples for.

We heard on the grape vine that they will be releasing a bunch of mailed freebies very soon. Now we don’t know exactly when this will be, so keep checking every day or two to see when they are released. However newbies can sign up to their website right now. Odds are good that we will all be emailed when they release their next batch. We have heard reports of some sample lovers having difficulty registering, meaning that they had to re-register. So if this problem happens to you, we suggest deleting any accounts you have with them and signing up again with a new email address (that seemed to work for one visitor we heard from).

Signing up is simple, once signed up, simply select the freebies of interest (sometimes there isn’t much of a choice) and then they will mail the samples and coupons. Still confused? Think of P&G Brandsampler’s kind of service.

Sign up to here

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