Get Free Indie Games Thanks to The Free Bundle

Would getting a bunch of free indie video games pick your fancy? This is exactly what a website called the Free Bundle is offering. Just use the link located below to visit this website and download your games.

Click here to Visit The Free Bundle and Download Free Games

Once there, you will be able to rapidly download their latest bundle, which could include exciting sounding titles like IMSCARED, ABOBO’S Big Adventure, Nitronic Rush as well as many others. It’s normal that you haven’t ever heard about of these as that’s kind of this website’s mission: giving great indie games the visibility that they wouldn’t necessarily otherwise receive.

All the games available at this website have three things in common:
They are entirely free;
No browser games are allowed, so they can all be downloaded to the user’s computer (PC’s mostly);
They are from real independent developers, so most of them have passed under the masses’ radar.

People usually receive something upon the purchase of a specific product or companies end up getting some information about their customers in exchange for a free product. On this occasion though, this freebie actually is entirely free to claim.

In other words, there’s absolutely no risk at all associated with claiming this deal. If you end up not liking the latest bundle, just wait until the next ones come out and you will be able to try out some more free games. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Have you ever tried Do you have some information for other readers? If you do, please leave a comment for others to read.

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