Get a Free Slurpee at 7-Eleven

Download the free 7-Eleven app to receive a free medium size Slurpee. Plus, with this app you can also obtain exclusive coupons and get information about store events as well as product offers. NB – As soon as you get the coupon you only have 15mins to claim it

Click Here to Get your Free 7-Eleven App

The coupon is valid on Oct 31st 2014 only.

To download and use this free app, you will need to own a mobile phone from Apple or that uses Android as its operating system. Of course, this requirement makes this special offer a bit less accessible since not everyone owns such a mobile device, but it is still worth sharing as it is quite a sweet deal. It’s not every day that you can get a refreshing beverage entirely for free.

Plus, if after a couple of weeks you realize that you don’t really like this app, you can just delete it from your smartphone.

Since at the moment, this store chain is only available in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Manitoba, if you live in one of the remaining provinces or territories, you may want to download this app and take advantage of this freebie during a an awesome road-trip across our beautiful country.

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