Get a Free ProGlide Razor by taking the Gillette Challenge (Facebook)

By taking the 5 Week Change-Up Challenge from Gillette, you will be able to get a free ProGlide razor as well as get the chance to enjoy giveaways or win a trip to London, Buenos Aires or Costa Rica. All you have to do is to head to the challenge’s Facebook page, ‘Like’ it and fill out a short form.

5 week challenge image

I know the whole idea of taking a 5 week challenge just to get a free razor may sound a bit intense, but it really isn’t as demanding as it sounds. To get the razor, just follow the steps mentioned above and you’ll receive it within a couple of weeks, no questions asked. But if you’re interested in potentially getting more out of this promotion (trip, giveaway) this is where you will be asked to put a little bit more effort into it.

For example, you will get the choice between 3 different change-ups aka challenges that will require you to either complete simple workouts, do style updates or help others. The more you participate, the better your odds of winning a prize are.

I’m always up for a little bit of self improvement, but it’s sometimes hard to get motivated. I find that Gillette are doing a good job of potentially providing that much needed carrot. Don’t you? Plus, even if you don’t decide to participate too much, you will still get free razor out of it.

Please note that you have until the November 12th to participate and that free razors will be available while supplies lasts.

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