Free Nicorette Inhaler

For those of you wanting to quit smoking I bet you have tried lots of ways, from cold turkey to patches to gum. One method I have never tried (yes I still smoke and I hate myself because of it) is the Nicorette Inhaler. I have seen people trying these on flights and in buses and they do look kind of funny, but not only are they meant to give you the nicotein rush you expect (trying to emulate that of a cigarette) but they also keep your hands busy, which is one of my biggest problems. This promotion is only valid for today and is limited to certain quantities, so hurry, if you see the Aveeno offer then your trying to early, if you see 0 left, then you’re trying to late.

Get your free Nicorette Inhaler

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shauna MacDonald

January 7, 2012 @ 10:46

Could you please send me samples of the inhaler,,i’ve tried everything and spent so much money on stuff on top of the cost of smokes. I just want something to work

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