Free Hour at Car 2 Go & $25 Off Code

I’ve seen these cars everywhere recently, and even their ads are all over the web. I’m not sure how they get around the whole parking-wherever-you-like problem but they are super popular, almost completely taking over the market here in my city. And it’s no wonder with customer friendly offers like this.

They are offering a coupon code for customers to get a free hour as well as $25 off the normal membership price (normally $35, so you’ll get it for $10). There is no expiry on the code that we were sent by a super helpful member, so please let us know on the comments if it is over.

Car 2 Go is basically a car rental service, mostly for short term uses, think going to the grocery store or to pick up friends or a quick trip across the city. The gar is super cheap too, as they only lend smart cars, and parking is super simple. And while you won’t be able to take a truck load of luggage with you it’s not really meant for that.

Use the promo code: “GREEN1060

Click Here to go to Gar2Go

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