Free Dawn of War Digital Copy from Smashwords

Have you been wondering what book to read next? I’m constantly in ‘on to the next one’ mode, always looking for something new to read, even when I already have a few other titles in line. Well, here’s one to add to the ever-growing list: Dawn of War, the first part of the Blood War Trilogy, a dark epic tail of war and fantasy from Tim Marquitz.

Whether you’re looking for a summer read or a book to keep you company during your return to school, you will be able to download a digital copy of this novel entirely for free and to take it with you using pretty much any device of your choice. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to use a laptop, a Kindle (Amazon’s ereader), an iPad, a Nook, etc. there’s a strong chance it is available at

If you don’t know about–I personally only found out about this website when stumbled upon this freebie–it’s a website that specializes in the distribution of ebooks from indie publishers and authors. Enabling readers to download lesser-known titles that they wouldn’t necessarily find elsewhere. In most cases, users need to pay a small fee for the ebook, but in some instances like the present one, some titles are available for free. How cool is that?

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