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Health Canada is now giving away free copies of its Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide online. You can either download a PDF version of the document, view it in HTML or order your free copy to the address of your choice. Don’t worry I do realize that this probably isn’t the most amazing freebie you’ve ever seen in your life. But I thought it would give me the opportunity to rapidly tackle the myth according to which in order to be frugal, you need to sacrifice the quality of your meals. Funny food groups image

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I understand that sometimes (for example during your studies or shortly after) you don’t necessarily have the time or the money to eat properly (let’s face it those years are totally nuts for most of us). But as soon as that period’s over I think everyone should take the time to plan and prepare decent meals. Not only will this help you stay healthier by maintaining a more balanced diet, but you will also save a lot of money compared to ordering-in or eating-out all the time.

Although this guide may not be perfect (some experts claim it isn’t strict enough about consumption of certain foods like red meat), it provides easy to follow guidelines that are adapted to North America. You don’t have to go crazy over it, but it should definitely help you reach a well-balanced lifestyle.

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