Free Bauer Helmet from Chevrolet

Here is a wicked freebie! Chevrolet and Bauer have decided to join forces in order to giveaway hockey helmets to kids. Obviously some restrictions apply, there is no way they could give a helmet to every Canadian kid that plays hockey, there are simply too many. But if your kid is 5 years old and is registered to play minor hockey this season, he or she is eligible to receive a free Bauer helmet from Chevrolet.

Click here to Claim your Free Bauer Helmet from Chevrolet

The model of the helmet is pretty nice too. Check it out, it’s the junior Bauer 2100 Helmet combo (which includes a face mask). It’s great that they have selected a nice one. I remember when I was a kid some of the models were pretty dorky looking. Not that I cared that much, I was too busy playing, but it’s nice that they made the effort of choosing a really secure one that also kind of looks cool. If there is a part of your kid’s body you want the most protected, it has to be the head.

Since the beginning of this program, Chevrolet has given over 25,000 hockey helmets entirely for free. Amazing isn’t it?

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