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Chapman’s, the ice cream company, is now giving away free 2012 calendars as part of their Kids Club program. All you need to do is to use the link located below in order to head out to, fill a short document with your name and address and wait a few weeks until you receive your brand spanking new calendar. Clearly, a 2012 calendar is not necessarily the most exciting thing, but it is still free and can be practical in some situations. For a kid, learning the notion that there is more than just yesterday, today and tomorrow is essential, and a good way to teach them this is by showing them how to use a calendar.

Click here to Claim your Free 2012 Calendar Here

Now, some people may say that calendars are pretty old school and I wouldn’t argue too long with them about this specific subject. But I still like them. For some weird nostalgic reason I guess. My buddy Stephen often laughs at me for keeping one at the office. It is true that being surrounded by computers and smart phones, calendars are bit useless as it is quite easy to setup push notifications for events. But for a kid it can be fun to have one, and it’s always nice for them to feel like they have ownership over something.

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