Finish Rinse Agent or Dish Cleaner Freebie

And the deals from Finish Canada keep rolling in. This deal is for a free bottle of either their dish cleaner or rinse agent up to the value of $5.49

Customers will need to print out the rebate form and follow the instructions to claim the freebie. Try looking around for either product (whichever best suits your needs) for the cheapest possible as the rebate form will only get you $5.49 off which is meant to cover all of the costs (including postage). However you can buy any size product you like (not just the 200ml-250ml ones), but it will only be free if you purchase the item for under $5.49.

Click here to Claim your Free Finish Dish Cleaner or Rinse Agent

Offer ends on May 26th 2014. And don’t forget to keep your receipt with the UPC on it.

For those not in the know the rinse agent products from Finish really help to dry items in the dishwasher so by the time it has cooled down nearly everything is ready to go back into their respective draws and cupboards, however if you do have water collecting glasses (like concave bottoms on glasses) then it won’t be perfect, nothing short of tipping it out would get rid of that amount of water. likewise the dish cleaner is meant to clean the dishwasher, for use periodically to keep the dishwasher cleaning at its best.

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