Colgate Sensitive Relief Free Sample

While 22ml isn’t a lot, a free sample that is quick to claim is usually a good thing. This freebie came across my in-box this morning and gets people with teeth (I imagine those without teeth wouldn’t claim this freebie) a free sample of one of Colgate’s newest toothpastes. From the looks of it the packaging and the branding are geared towards the Sensodyne users (who have a firm grasp of this niche), perhaps Colgate is trying to take some customers away from them, and what better way than to offer free samples for us customers to compare and make an informed choice, after all this is what freebies are great for.

The form takes about 2 minutes to fill out, and then it’s a waiting game. Also as an added bonus if you want a chance to win a Nespresso coffee machine then you can go back to the Colgate website after trying the freebie to review it, and I’m not sure if this applies to everyone or not (in other words if this is a prize or offered to everyone who participates) but they will also be giving away a one year supply of the toothpaste and other products in this line. As with most offers this freebie will go on while supplies last.

Click Here to Claim a Free Colgate Sensitive Relief Toothpaste Sample

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